Yup, even the GOP women voted against equal pay. Some think it’s because women leave the workforce to have children…

Sen. Lisa Collins: “…maybe a woman gets paid less because she’s, well, a woman, Collins continued. “In other cases, [wage disparity] may be due to personal decisions that women make to leave the workforce to raise children for a number of years and then return to the workforce, for example.” Let’s not all jump to conclusions, Collins warned. “I don’t think you can assume discrimination,” she said.”

So if you believe in family, but don’t want to be financially penalized for having children, don’t go on maternity leave.Or make the men stay home and raise the kids.

Others are just playing pure partisan politics…

“It’s politics,” said Republican Sen. Deb Fischer of Nebraska. “It’s a one-sided vote for political reasons, so [Democrats] can use it in campaigns.”

[Sen. Kelly] Ayotte tweeted after the bill failed, “Tonight’s vote is exactly what’s wrong with the US Senate under Harry Reid.” 

All quotes from Why These Republican Women Voted Against Equal Pay for All


Daily Show correspondent Michael Che tries to find a safe place to report from.

This is some Detroit techno shit.

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Makin’ it rain up in here!

Makin’ it rain up in here!

Fear mongering, xenophobia, and ignorance. Wait, am I talking about the candidate or his supporters?

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